Industrial properties encompass a diversity of real and personal property assets, which
can be challenging to value. In some cases, the appraisal district will contract with outside consulting firms to assign values to these specialized properties. AVA has the
experience and knowledge to value complex property types. With exquisite attention to detail,
AVA approaches each asset independently, focusing on the property’s construction type, quality,
and functional obsolesce. AVA will review the asset listing (real estate and personal property)
from the appraisal district to confirm its accuracy, as well as verify all abatements and

Below are just a few of the industrial services provided by Ad Valorem Advisors:

  • Attend plant inspections
  • Assist in applying for appropriate abatements and exemptions
  • Properly classify assets for maximum depreciation
  • Apply obsolescence factors to appropriate assets
  • Timely file personal property returns to proper jurisdictions
  • Conduct negotiations for excessive valuations
  • Receive, audit and transmit tax bills
  • Produce tax estimates and accrual reports
  • Conduct delinquent tax searches
  • Represent client during audit process
  • Provide counsel assistance during litigation
  • Render your personal property assets